Entry #3

Glory Hole Arcade Version 1.15 released!

2015-10-22 17:55:11 by nsfwgames

The second update for Glory Hole Arcade is up! This update addresses some playability issues and fixes some errors. Here's the full list of changes:

  - put back jiggly tits due to popular demand!
  - increase base sucking skill by 50%
  - added key command for swallow (use "s")
  - fixed barbell and butt plug poweruppers (they are on the skull dick)
  - fixed snakes sometimes messing up your bonus

Super duper extra thanks to Scoperocker for lots of help with testing!

And don't forget this game is available for Android on MiKandi at https://mikandi.com/app/15768
Thanks again for playing!



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2015-11-09 15:44:20

Can't wait till the next update :]